WeMind is specialized in delivering advanced, end-to-end loyalty solutions along with integration expertise, professional services, and support to fit the unique demands of each of our targeted industries:

  • Financial institutions
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Processors and merchant servicing organizations
  • Merchants & Retailers
  • Service companies
  • Brands
WeMind recognizes the requirements needed to successfully launch and manage loyalty programs and has developed a set of solutions and services around its unique framework (WeManage Loyalty Framework - WLF) to assist its clients in their endeavor to deploy or enhance their loyalty schemes.

What we do?

We provide our customers with software and services to leverage the unique benefits of our WeManage Loyalty Framework and to expand/enhance their loyalty schemes:

  • We provide unique platforms that are built around our framework, including web based platforms to be used by loyalty program members, as well as dedicated web based platforms to be used by contact centers embedding workflow and business processes
  • We assist our customers with software installation, data mapping and integration, software and platform migration, translator implementations and upgrades, training, and project strategy and planning
  • We also provide consultancy services that can quickly and cost effectively increase the number of participants in a loyalty program
Our ability to provide all facets of an implementation ensures initial project success and consistent support for the overall solution thereafter; we cater for the specific needs of each customer and are committed to meet our customers’ ever-changing process and technology requirements.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are seeking to start a loyalty program or are looking to streamline or expand your existing program, WeMind is here to assist and accompany you. We are committed to offering the best solution for your industry by customizing, in record time and within a reasonable budget, our flexible Loyalty Framework to cater for your specific needs.

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