The WeManage Loyalty Framework (WLF) is designed to manage complex loyalty programs that can group several businesses simultaneously while catering to the specifics of each one:
  • Financial institutions (e.g. banks, issuers)
  • Processors and merchant servicing organizations
  • Merchants & Retailers
  • Service companies (e.g. travel & hospitality)
  • Brands & Products (e.g. manufacturers, suppliers, distributors)

The system is optimized to allow simultaneous treatment of multiple loyalty schemes . It can go from the simplest point allocation rule to the most sophisticated, comprehensive loyalty program, covering a wide range of business needs for managing promotions, rewards, sales incentives, affinity programs as well as Coalition Programs.

Key Strengths of WeManage

Our solution distinguishes itself with its strong integrated framework covering all the aspects of deploying and managing loyalty schemes and promotions, with its flexibility, strong data driven approach, ease of deployment and use.

  • Fast to customize and easy to use: the introduction of a layered/modular approach ensures a more customizable solution with many features for fast deployment
  • Unique flexibility in computing points and handling segmentations
  • Advanced Web Platforms: out-of-the-box components to support many types of front ends and businesses
  • Possibility to distribute/aggregate points at several levels: allowing individual, family and corporate schemes to coexist as well as virtual co-branding (affinity made easy)
  • One installation of the WLF can manage different loyalty schemes at a time and satisfy a significant number of different businesses
  • Promotions made easy: running multiple loyalty schemes, promotions and programs simultaneously on one platform with priority rules and validity periods
  • Full Accounting system: monitoring and tracking of programs
  • Networking capability (Coalition Programs): allows multiple businesses to join forces for building loyalty schemes
  • Flexible interfacing: possibility to integrate with IVR/ & contact centers: even the most complex and demanding loyalty schemes can be deployed in record time

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