The WeManage Loyalty Framework (WLF) architecture is implemented using state-of-the-art, object-oriented technologies. The application's server tier and user interfaces are built using Microsoft’s .NET framework. Database support currently includes ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server database engines. Support for other database engines will be provided in subsequent versions.

The WLF architecture is fast to implement, robust, scalable, and above all, proven to provide unmatched flexibility.


The WLF architecture is multi-tiered, with a clear separation of data access, business logic, and presentation layers. Data received from external sources can be translated to data understood by the system, thus allowing for seamless integration with different external systems.

The WLF architecture is also highly distributed and componentized for flexibility and scalability in deployment. This makes it very easy to build special solutions to match the needs of any kind of business as well as to adapt to practically any computing infrastructure: the framework was developed to cater for multithreading with a wide range of interfacing mechanisms and messaging, providing the means to increase performance and add fault tolerance as required.

For a high level overview of the design and major capabilities this architecture provides, please contact us.