From the moment you choose WeMind, we work hard to ensure that every aspect of the implemented solution is carried out with results and a level of professionalism that delights our customers.

A Partner that Cares About Your Success

We strive to serve each client as best as possible and seek to achieve mutual goals through a personal relationship with each client. Our strategy is to build long term partnerships with our clients by offering “Integrated Solutions” and accompanying them throughout the entire process.

Implementing a successful loyalty program involves the following steps:

  • Planning Phase
    • Analysis of the existing (IT, data, products, etc..)
    • Select representatives for the implementation teams (for IT and Business aspects)
    • The full team, made up of WeMind and client professionals begin refining the requirements and implementation plan
    • Finalize a detailed user’s requirements document
    • Establish a final implementation schedule
  • Customization & Implementation Phase
    • Interfacing & Piloting
    • Web based requirements and improvements/advanced requirements
    • Fine tuning, modifications and new requirements
    • WeMind specialists will ensure the applications are loaded correctly, the parameters and reference files are complete and the security is functioning properly
  • Training Phase
    • We begin training client representatives during the training phase. Experience has shown that our clients derive major benefits from training key personnel from various departments that will use the system. In addition, the system administrator, database manager, and operations personnel receive training during this phase. Training continues throughout the remainder of the implementation process where WeMind specialists are available on-site to assist
  • Testing & Verification Phase
    • This phase requires the participation of the system administrator, database manager, and operations personnel during which the required interfaces are tested and data is entered into the system. The workstations and scanners are brought on-line and documents are scanned and indexed. At the conclusion of this stage the storage platform is enabled and the system administrator tests the backup utilities
    • Any problems encountered during verification are documented by the implementation team and are resolved prior to system acceptance
  • Production Phase
    • Our approach is to provide clients with technically advanced systems and comprehensive support of their system. Therefore, we initiate full product support at the outset of production
  • Fine-tuning and enhancement phase
    • According to the feedback received, we refine the requirements and adapt the platform accordingly