Our strategy is to build long term partnerships with our clients by offering “Integrated Solutions” and accompanying them throughout the entire implementation process and running of their loyalty schemes.

We provide:

  • "Turn-Key-Solutions" including program design and business processes and procedures
  • Data & Product Analysis for better segmentation and well targeted programs and promotions
  • Assistance in implementing programs retroactively and give welcome points to people accordingly starting with retention from day zero

We offer more than Loyalty Platforms

We provide our solutions along with professional services and support to fit the specific demands of each Customer.

  • Project Management & Planning: provide the framework within which high quality, cost effective, timely solutions are delivered
  • Work Flow Analysis and Design: we provide organizations with automated business processes thereby gaining efficiency while lowering costs
  • Loyalty schemes design & realignment: streamline loyalty initiatives, segmentation, financials, terms & conditions, marketing materials, etc...
  • Software Requirements Analysis: based on operational expertise and needs, we assist organizations in drawing detailed and well documented requirements
  • Customization: we assess the internal needs of the client’s company in order to present complete, 360 degree customized solutions whenever needed