Traditional programs through credit cards have long been over due. This is why banks are becoming more and more engaged in loyalty schemes whereby the customer can be a major beneficiary of any banking transaction.

Banks are also looking more and more into Coalition Programs to give additional value to their customers.

Built to serve the various needs of banks, our loyalty framework encompasses all the functionalities that are needed to satisfy all banking sectors: issuing business, acquiring business and all retail banking products in general.

Our solution includes:

  • Backend to manage members, partners, programs and promotions
  • Web Based Front-End for customers including advanced reporting
  • Web based backend to be used by contact centers

Key Features & Benefits

The flexibility of our platform coupled with our Integrated Approach will help banks expand “loyalty” boundaries and strengthen their relationships with Retailers and Partners while giving additional value and a unique experience to their customers

  • Fully automated loyalty programs and related promotions
  • Streamlined segmentation and tailor-made programs & promotions
    • Targeted schemes & rewards
    • Account aggregation: run and differentiate programs on any kind of account (individual, corporate, family)
  • Go beyond generic Credit Card: manage global loyalty program on all products: payment cards, insurance products, bill payment, services, Islamic products (e.g. Tawaruk), etc...
  • Offer a web interface allowing clients to view their accounts and point history as well as access a Catalog and redeem their gifts on-line
  • Affinity and co-branding made easy: manage co-branding programs on existing cards without having to issue new and/or specialized cards
  • Leverage the Acquiring business expand the set of services (offer data insight capabilities to merchants) and run programs for Merchants and other issuers
  • Team with Merchants to expand Rewards programs and spearhead Coalition Programs
  • Enhance Retail Banking: run effective scoring & sales incentive programs on top of global loyalty programs
  • Have multiple programs on the same transaction thus allowing for several networking programs to run on the same card, making it easier than ever for the consumer to benefit from a wide variety of programs/promotions without having to hold several cards

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