From Internet, telephone and cable services to voice and electronic mail, telecommunications services touch our lives every day. In this fast-growing, competitive, price-sensitive industry, firms must continuously find new ways to keep their customers. Loyalty programs and promotions are becoming important differentiators which can, when properly combined, give great flexibility to the marketing team to develop new programs to fight churn and increase acquisition rate.

In brief, loyalty is no longer a nice thing to have; it is a must have.

Our solutions will help telecommunication companies achieve competitive distinction by providing the capabilities to deploy best-fit loyalty schemes and better leverage their promotions.

Our solution encompasses the following:

  • Backend to manage all programs and promotions
  • Web Based Front-End for customers including advanced reporting
  • Web based backend to be used by contact centers

Key Features & Benefits

  • Fully automate the management of your loyalty schemes and related promotions using a single platform
  • Unique marketing tool: brings the capacity to deploy well targeted loyalty schemes and promotions in minutes, no need for programming, introducing new promotions and programs (creating new destinations, new products, new segmentation) can be done by the operator's team through simple forms
  • Flexible point computation: per service, per destination, commensurate to the consumption
  • Strong segmentation capabilities for postpaid or prepaid customers according to criteria such as contract/line type or tariff profile, consumption profile or ad-hoc criteria with the capability to tailor programs and promotions for each segment
  • Capability to manage corporate, individual or family programs: Aggregation of points at contract level, contract holder level or phone line level with the ability to group several lines under a single account
  • Multiple Rewards programs at a time making promotions easy
  • Multiple Catalogs management: catalogs can also be different for each segment/profile
  • Multiple channels for redemptions, including SMS, web and IVR
  • Non-physical rewards (e.g. free units, SMS) management and provisioning
  • Possibility to manage lotteries in parallel with a Rewards program
  • Special offers, promotions & event management
  • Create and manage a network of partners
  • Sales incentive programs and “virtual operators” programs
  • Scoring for clients to better streamline customer service: rule based management of upgrades and downgrades of customers
  • Advanced accounting and liability monitoring

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