The SolidarityChain Program is a coalition program that is built around affinity values and cause-related marketing; bringing together banks, merchants, brands and NGO’s through the development of projects that address the needs of the community.

"Built around emotional rather than rational"

SolidarityChain's aim is to build an important community of responsible citizens around human values and to direct part of marketing budgets towards recognized causes and projects. SolidarityChain is also designed to work in parallel with existing Loyalty Schemes.

WeMind also developed a web based dedicated Portal to allow for maximum interACTivity amongst all players i.e. Consumers (Supporters), Businesses such as Card Issuers, Retailers and Brand (Sponsors) and NGOs/NPOs Projects(Communities/Groups).


Key Features & Benefits

  • Consumers: Supporters will be able to make every purchase count for their selected Causes and Projects at no cost
  • Merchants: Sponsors will be able to better streamline their loyalty schemes and promotions while leveraging their Cause-Related marketing initiatives with no hidden cost
  • Communities: Pulling Together Businesses & Consumers, SolidarityChain is an easy way for NGOs & other communities to mobilize their supporters and enhance their fund raising efforts
  • Banks: Issuers can show to their clients they really count while always delivering the right message and bringing advanced interactive services
  • Portal: the SolidarityChain portal, while allowing for better interactivity amongst all players, will bring a set of unique functionalities & services making it one of the major component/driver of the program:
    • Businesses will have access to advanced reporting and data analysis tolls in order to better drive their marketing initiatives and streamline their promotions and monitor the impact of their different programs
    • Consumers can access various reports, including advanced reporting on their card utilizations, per group of merchants, geographies, etc... they will also be able to easily access information on the different causes, projects and promotions
    • Communities will be able to attract more supporters and better communicate with them while raising funds for their projects

Advantages of SolidarityChain

SolidarityChain's paradigm to better streamline cause-related marketing initiatives is to gradually shift the control of "cause-related" budgets to consumers; the idea being to let the consumer chose ; thus naturally responding to cause marketing challenges.

  • Misalignment: straightforward alignment with consumers, brands giving the control of charity budgets to their customers and allowing them to interACT at all transaction levels is removing all boundaries of cause-related marketing
  • Innovation: SC platforms will allow unparalleled interaction between all businesses including marketers and consumers
  • Communication: message becomes simple & generic, yet very powerful; SC platforms will even allow marketers to better identify and streamline messages towards customers and targeted consumers

To learn more about SolidarityChain, please contact us.