Islamic banks tend to mimic traditional banking products, falling short from innovating around Islamic Values, and from reinforcing their natural bond with customers around those Values

Infaq helps Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) better leverage Islamic Values by seamlessly embedding the Values of sharing and giving into every transaction, thus making it effortless and within everyone's reach to actively contribute to the community.

The Infaq project is a perfect fit for any emerging country with an important Islamic community. It can perfectly address the needs of the Islamic segment while being on top of traditional banking products.

Infaq: Innovation for Islamic Banking

Built around Islamic Values by making financial transactions mean more through our SolidarityChain platform, Infaq will help the Islamic Banking Sector become a bigger player, and actively contribute to building a strong community of Sponsors and Supporters

  • Leverage technological platforms around Islamic Values: Innovative technology platforms that bring unmatched interactivity
  • Infaq will help expand the boundaries of electronic transactions; buying will mean much more than just paying
    • By allowing interactive donations to charities
    • By offering online detailed reporting and statistics with respect to shopping habits
  • Bring interActivity & transparency while streamlining fund raising initiatives: real-time tracking of contributions and direct contact with charities coupled with strong project credentialing and follow-up

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