LoyalMobile is an open loyalty marketing platform that uses the flexibility of mobile phone technology combined with electronic payment, to offer an unparalleled platform for expanding the boundaries of loyalty programs, mobile marketing, and promotions.

Key Benefits

  • Combining Mobile with the payment card will allow the program to expand fast and to become a platform of choice for Merchants to run their promotions
  • Merchants will have full flexibility to run targeted promotions on pre-selected customers (reports will be made available to merchants)
  • Brands will also be able to run promotions at selected outlets
  • “LoyalMobile” is not a static program, the flexibility given to all players in leveraging each other and the program through promotions is unique
  • Being seamlessly integrated to existing payment cards will make it very simple for the member to get the benefits of the program without the hassle of obtaining an additional card, thus accelerating the adoption of "LoyalMobile" by consumers

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