The WeManage Loyalty Framework's versatile three-tier architecture allows it to be easily customized and deployed with a wide variety of external systems such as Billing Systems and Card Management Systems.

Several interfacing methods are supported, depending on the requirements of the particular setup, making integration easy, efficient and fast. Furthermore, a sophisticated data translation system exists, allowing data received from external entities to be translated to data understood by the system, thus allowing for seamless integration with different external systems.
  • Batch Processing: Batch files, in a predefined text format, can be imported into the system. Currently supported text formats are comma & tab delimited files, and XML files
  • Message Brokers: The WeManage Loyalty Framework can interact with several Message brokers, such as IBM Websphere MQ and SonicMQ, depending on the preferences of the client. Several concurrent threads and services can be easily distributed across different machines, thus allowing large amounts of data to be processed as well and introducing a level of fault tolerance
  • Web Services: Web services allow for synchronous and asynchronous interoperability between different systems, since they are supported by most computer languages that exist today
  • Views: Several views are exposed by the WLF to be accessed by external systems for read only operations such as “Obtain balance of customer”, or for exporting data to data warehouse systems for further manipulation

The strong capabilities of our framework in integrating with existing systems and the flexibility that it provides makes the WLF unique when it comes to deploying complex loyalty schemes involving several systems in record time.

For more information about how our solution can integrate with your systems, please contact us.